Buying an apartment in new buildings with subsequent leasing or resale
Buying new residential rental property that is under construction or completed in Helsinki is a reliable and profitable way of investing and is a proven path to long-term wealth.

The key advantages are: easy to finance the purchase (downpayment 15-30%), low mortgage interest (~1%), low maintenance charges, no risks. We helh to get a loan at a same mortgage rate as fo Finish residents.

Investing in new residential rental property allows to completely pay off a loan due to incoming rental payments. In addition, the price of the apartment grows by 2-3% per yaer thus ensuring total return on investments amounting to 7-10% annually.

We understand the market and dynamics where to buy and help you choose the right property at the right price. we take on responsibilities and challenges of a landlord. We help you to sell the property later and gain high profit from capital growth.
from 4500€
Capital growth
Rental yield
sq. m. cost
years of Payback period
Price per 1 m2 of new dwellings
Blocks of flats in metropolitan area
4 346€
2010 year
5 071€
2017 year
16.7% - 2.4% annually
Increase in value amounted to
– Areas on the outskirts of the Greater Helsinki region (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa) with good public transport connections

– Distance to Helsinki city center 30 km
– 2-3 room apartments, 50-70 m2

– Construction year – from 2018

– Price 1 m2 – 4500-5500€
Pros and Cons
+ High reliability and minimum risks

+ Guaranteed increase in the cost of the apartment and rental price

+ Mortgage rate ~1% and
downpayment 10-15%

- Moderate profitability