• signing agreement
  • specification of search parameters search
  • offer preparation (short-list, max. 4 apartments)
  • selection by the client of the apartment for due diligence (<5 days)
  • checking the seller's ownership of the property
  • checking for encumbrances
  • checking the state of the object (external, internal)
  • collecting information about accomplished and planned renovations
  • risk analysis
  • preparation of the object description
  • sending a verification report
  • selection of the apartment for acquisition
  • consulting on the buying process
  • negotiations with the seller, bargaining
  • preparing an offer to the seller
  • conclusion of a preliminary purchase agreement with the seller
  • assistance in obtaining a visa, opening a bank account
  • assistance in signing real estate sales and purchase agreement
  • assistance in the implementation of the transaction and payment of property transfer tax
  • management of property renovation (if needed)
  • preparation of draft lease agreement
  • tenant search
  • conclusion of lease agreement
  • control and oversight of the property
  • consultation and management of property maintenance
  • search / replacement of the tenant;
  • assistance in signing a lease, incl. preparation of a draft lease agreement and invoice;
  • receiving / transmitting keys from the object;
  • checking the condition of the apartment;
  • contact with the tenant, including on issues of payment of rental payments;
  • communication with the housing stock company regarding the operation of the facility, payment of utility bills and other issues;
  • ordering the necessary work to maintain the facility (by prior agreement with the Customer). The work is paid by the Customer separately on invoices.
  • preparation of a tax return on income received from the rental of objects.